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At Houston Designs, we feel a complete and consistent Signage & Graphics Program channels the architecture and/or environment to the human scale. It is one of the principal aspects of a space that a person interacts with. It gives the end user tangible information to guide one through a particular space and can also engage a lasting emotion from the end user. For these reasons, we like to approach the design from angles that include architecture, history, statistics and environment. Rather than focusing just on the image of the wayfinding signage and graphics, we like to work closely with the Architect and the Design Team so that we can walk a fine line between where the architecture ends and the graphic design begins.

Houston Designs works with a team of highly experienced Environmental Graphic Designers with over 30 years of experience combined in providing creative solutions to eager clients. The team has designed and participated in projects on a national and international level and has exceeding experience with the design and fabrication process of the sign manufacturing industry. Our team of designers have worked on projects ranging from 25,000 square feet to millions of square feet in both new construction and renovation. Team members include experienced Graphic Designers, a Spanish Translator on projects that require these services and a Consultant who is a licensed architect with extensive experience on Wayfinding Projects.

Our team has worked for some of the top firms in Texas and New York and the knowledge and experience gained from these firms is what molded the team to become the excellent designers we are today.